I’m Mark Rose and I am the founder. I specialize in referral to the best matching treatment programs for all addictions, whether those addictions are alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or any other process addictions. My case management services are tailored to meet the needs of the addicted and all stake-holders such as family, employers., and all concerned others. I also specialize in intervention and have a network of resources supporting the best approaches to intervening with addicted persons and stakeholders. The intervention modality I am trained in is evidenced-based and manual driven.

How I Got Started

I began my first career in the music business as a production manager and promoter at a very young age as a student at the University of Washington. I was hired by age 20 to work for a large concert promoter and began producing concerts in Western Canada and the Western United States with all famous artists and groups. I cultivated my own addiction but was able to maintain a solid career in both the concert and then record industry as a promotion manager. At one point checked myself into inpatient treatment and lucked out with a great program. I have maintained recovery and program of support for over 18 years. One year into my recovery I left my position at Dreamworks Records to move to Europe and explore my options. I figured out my passion was to now “give back”, and I applied to Hazelden Graduate School to become an addictions counselor, and I have never looked back.

Groups I am a Part Of:

Network of Independent Interventionists

600 N 36th St. Suite #304
Seattle, WA 98103





  • Member of Association of Intervention Specialists
  • Washington State licensed chemical dependency professional
  • Member of the National Association for Addiction Professionals
  • Musicares Northwest representative
  • Bachelor of Arts degree ,Cross-cultural Counseling
  • Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies, Graduate Certificate
  • Hazelden Center City, MN. ,former focal therapist for adult women
  • Caron Treatment Center Wernersville, Pa., Addiction Counselor
  • Internationally licensed Addiction Counselor
  • Lakeside-Milam, Treatment Director
  • YMCA, consultant, pilot SUD program
  • Former lead counselor, supervisor and admnistrator for outpatient clinics
  • ARISE intervention trained

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